Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Grey/black Caddis time!

Wow, what a day Sunday was. A huge grey caddis hatch started about noon and was in full swing by 2-3. I can't remember ever having so many huge strikes on dry flys. When trout hit a caddis they don't seem to miss or mess around. I only missed 2 strikes all day. One because of slack line......The two most important things beginners screw up constantly that keeps them from catching fish is imprecise casting and line management. Not only do you have to put the fly where it needs to be without spooking fish, you need to manage the line through the drift so if you do get a strike it will result in a hook up and not just a lot of line pulled off the water. I mess those things up all the time and I am going to try and give myself and everyone else some advice. Be methodical when you come up to a spot. Stay back until you know where you want to set up, when you get setup take your time and make the first cast the best. I put down so many fish this weekend because I was so exited about making any cast I made the wrong one, from the wrong spot and spooked the whole pool. I did catch fish but I should have caught twice as many.